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Rose Gold Love Bracelet Rose Gold Love Bracelet
Reg. Price: $33.69
Rose Gold Love Necklace Rose Gold Love Necklace
Reg. Price: $33.69
Gather Lumbar Pillow Gather Lumbar Pillow
Reg. Price: $44.89
Hello Lumbar Pillow Hello Lumbar Pillow
Reg. Price: $44.89
Love Home Lumbar Pillow Love Home Lumbar Pillow
Reg. Price: $44.89
Palm Leaf Lumbar Pillow Palm Leaf Lumbar Pillow
Reg. Price: $44.89
Floral Robe Floral Robe
Reg. Price $39.98
Floral Coffee Tumblers Floral Coffee Tumblers
Reg. Price $28.98
Gold Mrs Necklace Gold Mrs Necklace
Reg. Price $27.39
Flower Girl Robe Flower Girl Robe
Reg. Price $39.98
Flower Girl T-shirt Flower Girl T-shirt
Reg. Price $33.98
16” Camel Throw Pillow 16” Camel Throw Pillow
Reg. Price: $44.89

Selecting Attendant Gifts for Bridesmaids

They have stuck with you through thick and thin, through elation and breakdown. They have been there to revel in mini triumphs and smooth over meltdowns. They are an ideal mixture of family and friend. They are your bridesmaids. And because they’ve been so wonderful, you’ll no doubt want to find the perfect attendant gifts for each one of them.

Attendant gifts are an indispensable part of the wedding. Too often, though, brides feel the need to give all her bridesmaids identical gifts. Cliché as it might be, the old adage that just as no two snowflakes are alike, so are no two people alike is sadly, still true. It isn’t likely that all of your bridesmaids are going to be interested in the same things, so why would you get them all the same gift? While it is fair to be equal in price of the gift, the gifts themselves don’t have to be identical.

One great way to individualize gifts is through personalization. It’s is a fast and easy way to make each present unique, and because just about everything can be personalized, you’ll easily be able to find a gift for every one of your girls!

For a girly bridesmaid, you could get a bracelet with a pendant engraved with her initial. For a sporty bridesmaid, why not a gym bag with her name embroidered on the front? And for the coffee addict, a stainless-steel thermos with her initials engraved is a great gift.

They might all have different personalities, but one fact remains the same: they’re the best friends you could imagine. So keep in mind that they are individuals, and so should their gifts. After all, you are thanking these remarkable women for helping you with your wedding!

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