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Gatefold Guest Book Gatefold Guest Book
Reg. Price: $61.20
50th Anniversary Guest Book 50Th Anniversary Guest Book
Reg. Price: $50.59
Sale Price: $36.29
Midnight Rose Guest Book Midnight Rose Guest Book
Reg. Price: $76.55
Double Heart Crystal Guest Book Double Heart Crystal Guest Book
Reg. Price: $82.49
Sale Price: $47.29
Maple Leaf Guest Book Maple Leaf Guest Book
Reg. Price: $61.20

Feathered Flair Pen Set Feathered Flair Pen Set
Reg. Price: $56.09
Once Upon a Time Pen Set Once Upon A Time Pen Set
Reg. Price: $49.65

Once Upon a Time Guest Book Once Upon A Time Guest Book
Reg. Price: $97.01

Swirl Dots 50th Guest Book Swirl Dots 50Th Guest Book
Reg. Price: $61.20
Sale Price: $34.09
Birch Trees Guest Book Birch Trees Guest Book
Reg. Price: $61.20
White Pleated Guest Book White Pleated Guest Book
Reg. Price: $30.68
Sale Price: $27.61
Layers of Lace Pen Set Layers Of Lace Pen Set
Reg. Price: $73.91
Heartful Memories Canvas Heartful Memories Canvas
Reg. Price: $105.92
Shadow of Love Canvas Shadow Of Love Canvas
Reg. Price: $105.92
Love For Ever Canvas Love For Ever Canvas
Reg. Price: $105.92
Branches of Love Canvas Branches Of Love Canvas
Reg. Price: $105.92
Follow Your Heart Canvas Follow Your Heart Canvas
Reg. Price: $105.92
Blooming Hearts Canvas Blooming Hearts Canvas
Reg. Price: $105.92
Glass Vase for Signing Stones Glass Vase For Signing Stones
Promo. Price $61.48
Promo. Price $55.33
Gold Glass Signing Stones Gold Glass Signing Stones
Promo. Price $12.20
Promo. Price $10.98

Pink Glass Signing Stones Pink Glass Signing Stones
Promo. Price $12.20
Promo. Price $10.98

Purple Glass Signing Stones Purple Glass Signing Stones
Promo. Price $12.20
Promo. Price $10.98
Silver Glass Signing Stones Silver Glass Signing Stones
Promo. Price $12.20
Promo. Price $10.98

Set of 36 Message Papers Set Of 36 Message Papers
Promo. Price $9.12
Promo. Price $8.21


Guest Book Alternatives

It is a sad fact that most wedding guest books end up shoved into closets, resigned to collecting dust for the rest of their days. Why not spice up your wedding with something different, something youíll actually want to look at again after the wedding? With many modern guest book alternatives available, thereís no reason your guestbook has to be just a place where guests can write their name and address.

There are many alternative options for trendy guest books. Some clever choices available include signature mat frames, instant photo guest books, signature platters, and wedding wishes guest books. All of these provide unique ways for your guests to provide their own personal touch, and are keepsakes that you can enjoy for years to come.

Signature mat frames are plain photo mats that can contain either an engagement or wedding photo, which guests can sign their names and messages around. Later these can be hung on a wall or over a mantel, a great reminder of your special day and everyone who shared in it.

Instant photo guest books are another great way to capture the memories of your wedding day. Each page holds an instant photo, so that youíll never forget who was there-or what they looked like! The remainder of the page is free for each guest to write their own personal message to you, something that youíll be able to keep forever. Just think of how fun it would be for your guests to take each otherís pictures with a Polaroid camera, and they can write their message while itís developing!

Another crafty guest book alternative is the signature platter. Guests can sign a porcelain platter, which you can then keep and use for years after the wedding.

Wedding wishes guest books are also a growing trend. These guest books feature small envelopes and note cards for guests to write their congratulations, advice, and stories. This guest book is something youíll want to get out and read again and again.

No matter which type of guest book you choose, it should reflect your style and personality. These alternative guest books are keepsakes that are well worth keeping out of the closet.

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